Prince of Sawa Blues

Brussels Airlines B Spirit Magazine
March / April 2009
Muntu Valdo: A guitarist, singer and percussionist rolled into one

Voodoo People: Gangbé Brass Band

March 2009
What do you get when you mix West African ritual music with colonial marching band traditions?

Spirit Leveller

February 2009
Zimbabwe's Chiwoniso mixes the roots of mbira music with RnB and Rock.

Return to Bissau

November / December 2008
Guinea Bissau's Super Mama Djombo, one of West Africa's great post-independence bands...

Muntu Valdo

May 2008
The Cameroonian player is a rare example of a musician making more than a lawyer.

Rhythm Nation

The Guardian
7 March 2008
Guinea-Bissau throws one of the best parties on earth.

String Theory

November 2007
The tradition of hand building koras is dwindling, one artisan is keeping the craft alive

Desert Exile

November 2007
Toumast's Moussa Ag Keyna is a rebel with a cause, that of Touareg independence.

Malouma, the Singing Senator

June 2007
The 'light of the Sahara.'

Miss Versatile

June 2007
They're still talking about Dobet Gnahore's recent gig in Dakar.